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Green Card Issues (US Immigrant Visas)

Green Cards

Green Card Immigration

International Money Transfer - International Money Order

If you are interested in nonimmigrant visa issues (for temporary visitors to the US) , see US Visas (Nonimmigrant Visas).

If you, a family member, or an employee wishes to obtain a Green Card and become a permanent resident (immigrant) of the United States, here is where you will find helpful information regarding the immigration process, eligibility requirements, application procedures, immigration forms, fees, and where to go for further assistance.

Overview of Green Cards and Immigration

US Immigration and Green Card Paths

Immigration Forms, Processing Times, and Status

Popular Family Green Card Issues

Nearest U.S. Consulate

If You Are Already in the U.S.

US Entry and Re-entry Issues

Other Important Information

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A Service of  A Service of The National Association of Foreign-Born
The National Association of Foreign-Born