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Study in the US: Guide for International Students in USA
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Study in USA as an International Student (College / University)

Study in the US: Guide for International Students in USA

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  • An overview of the information in this International Student Guide to Studying in USA

This guide will help you learn how to go to the United States for college or university study. If you are interested in exchange programs, or in other forms of education, please see Foreign Exchange Programs, Vocational Schools, and More. If you have already been accepted to a US school and would like information on student visas, please see Student Visa and I-20 Form.

Being accepted into a US college or university is certainly more challenging for a foreign student than for a US citizen. However, being a foreign (or "international") student also means you have a diverse background and perspective that schools in the USA increasingly value.

International students make a significant contribution to US campus life, as well as to college and university revenues. Consequently, USA colleges and universities recruit and welcome international students. This means that although you may have to overcome some obstacles in order to study in the United States, as an international student you are seen as a valuable commodity here.

Before you can come to the US as an international student, you must be accepted to a school and prove that you have sufficient financial resources (scholarships, loans, family or personal resources) to pay your school and living expenses. Do not be discouraged by the financial requirement - see Scholarships for International Students to Study in the US: Financial Aid for Foreign Students in USA for information including financial aid and scholarships for international students seeking to attend US colleges and universities.

You should research thoroughly colleges and universities that offer majors in your field of study, and apply to several of them. It is better to be accepted to more than one school, and have a choice, than to apply to one or two and not be accepted to them.

The pages in this guide will help put you on the path to studying in the USA.

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